About the BIAE

In 1948, 200 electrolysists met and formed the Society of Practitioners in Electrolysis. This was subsequently re-named the Institute of Electrolysis (IoE) on 25th June 1948. In 1956 a break away group formed the Association of Electrolysis which then became the British Association of Electrolysists (BAE).

In 2004 the IoE and BAE merged to become a non-profit organisation called the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis (BIAE) and is dedicated to improving industry standards of electrolysis.

The BIAE is the only organisation to personally check the standard of members in order to safeguard members of the public from bad electrolysis treatment. These exacting rules and standards are for your protection and you may feel confident of receiving professional and caring treatments whenever you consult a registered member.

The BIAE believes in evidence-based claims rather than marketing hype and we expect our members to behave ethically at all times. We very rarely receive complaints about our members, but be assured any complaint is investigated thoroughly and professionally as we take standards very seriously.

Since membership of the BIAE is not compulsory in the UK you may find many beauty therapists and electrolysists who are not members advertising electrolysis. In some cases they may be performing discredited forms of electrolysis such as those involving electric tweezers or pads rather than needles. Unfortunately this has led some to believe electrolysis is not for them. Electrolysis IS permanent, but only when it is performed correctly. For this reason please make sure you choose a BIAE member.

You can contact us at:

Weavering Street
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Tel: 07547 355034
Email: "mailto:sec@electrolysis.co.uk