BIAE AGM 6th April 2014

The British Institute Association of Electrolysis AGM & Open Seminar was held on Sunday 6th of April 2014 at the Union Jack Club in London’s Waterloo.

The BIAE held yet another stimulating and informative day for its members offering great opportunities for CPD (continuous professional development). Chairwoman Angela Wheat opened proceedings with a warm welcome to all; before introducing the first speaker - Dr Robert Rutland: Dentist, facial dermatologist and cosmetic doctor.

Dr Rutland’s lecture on the ageing process of the bones, tissues and muscles and how electrolysis (the only permanent method of hair removal) can still be used when patients have received Botox or dermal filler treatments was informative and illuminating. A quick recap on a range of different skin cancers followed – particularly useful as members may come across these during the course of their work. Dr Rutland was humorous and charismatic, captivating the audience’s attention throughout.

Next up was Skip Mahler, president of Instantron who had kindly flown over from America to give his lecture and demonstration. Instantron is Skip’s family business, and was first established in 1890 by his grandfather, Dan Mahler who set up the very first electrolysis practice & was the first manufacturer of electrolysis equipment. Skip himself is a licensed instructor / electrologist and gave a fantastic talk, comprising a potted history of electrolysis and a display of a wide variety of machines manufactured through the years. He then brought all members up to date with information on the very latest computerised technology in electrolysis from the US, which happily is now available in the UK. The audience were treated to a demonstration of the ‘Elite Spectrum’ machine on keen volunteers, and Skip answered a range of questions with regards to its adaptations for treatment. So inspiring was his talk that some members were compelled to purchase this impressive technology there and then!

A delicious lunch followed, which gave members and guests a valuable chance to network before the final speaker of the day, Peter Maunder, was introduced.

Peter Maunder is a Neurolinguistic Master Practitioner whose lecture was entitled ‘Good Communication prevents Litigation’. Peter’s lecture was incredibly thought provoking and gave a real insight into the client experience. During a typical consultation, clients are bombarded with information about the treatment process when in actuality they can only retain, on average, 5 pieces of information at once. To demonstrate his point, Peter involved members of the audience in a simple memory exercise where one person was told several pieces of information that they later had to repeat back to him. The results were surprising, and showed just how easily memory can be distorted and inaccuracies can occur. Thus, Peter successfully impressed upon the audience a real need for therapists to clarify important points, ensuring that information given during consultation is both accurate and concise. Best practice in this area ensures that a realistic outcome is achievable to guarantee client satisfaction, and helps to avoid misunderstandings, disappointment and ultimately potential litigation.

At the close of the day, all agreed it was a resounding success. Angela and the board members were commended for their hard work and for providing a lively and interesting day for all. The members and board look forward to their next planned event; the BIAE Seminar, which is to be held on Sunday September 21st 2014.

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