BIAE member quoted in the Daily Mail 27th May 2011

BIAE member quoted in the Daily Mail 27th May 2011

BIAE member Janet Ellard-Smith was asked to respond to comments from Dr Nick Lowe claiming electrolysis is difficult to get right on the upper lip, and that scarring is a common result.

"Janet Ellard-Smith of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis ( refutes this, saying: ‘If a client has treatment by a recognised professional, such as a BIAE member, scarring will not happen.’"

While the BIAE does not in any way dispute Dr Lowe must have seen several clients with scarring as a result of bad electrolysis (as our members have too),  anecdotal experience should not be used as evidence to judge an entire profession. As stated in the article electrolysis when performed correctly will not leave scarring. If a female client has received correct treatment and has no hair left to remove, she will simply get on with her life. However if she has received incorrect treatment resulting in scarring then she will seek out help from clinics such as Dr Lowe's, hence only bad cases are seen which leads to a skewed view of the treatment. Dr Lowe's experience shows that bad electrolysis treatment will probably lead to scarring, which is something we agree with. That is why we personally check the skills of each BIAE member before they are allowed to join.

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